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Room 121 Policies

HSP3C/3U Course Syllabus

HSP3C Course of Study

HSP3U Course of Study

 1.1 Introduction

1.2 Introduction to APS

1.3 APA 

1.4 Scientific Inquiry

1.5 Statistics and Data

2.1 Introduction to Anthropology

2.2 Cultural, LInguistic, Archaeology

2.3 Culture and Identity

2.4 Culture, Gender Roles, and Gender Identity

2.5 Anthropological Influences on Behaviour

Review of Cultural Anthropology theories and theorists

Assignment 1.1 APA Rubric

APA Template – Gdocs

APA Template – Word

APA Format Annotated Template

Creating a hanging indent in Google Docs

Creating a hanging indent in Google Slides

Peer/Self-Editing Sheet: Article APA